Passive vs. Pro-Active Method

All attempts by current day processes to clean the air is passively accomplished. That is to say, filter systems, ionized plates in the device, UV lights, etc. need to bring the unhealthy components of the air to the device in order to clean or remove them. This is very inefficient and mostly ineffective but that's all that was available UNTIL NOW. Our pro-active systems have the technology to seek out the airborne and surface pathogens and pollutants and reduce or eliminate them. Our systems act upon all pathogens, particulates in the air, gasses, fumes, odors, molds/mildews and even terrorism substances.

Clinical Studies

We've had numerous and complex studies done by research centers such as Kansas State University, Ohio State University and others. The Clinical Studies are completely overwhelming. Every type of pathogen, (micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria), tested was reduced by 96%-99.9% in 24 hours. The tests were completed on highly polished stainless steel settle plates. If you login, you will see a summary of our one-on-one presentation that will explain much more about our program.

There are also other studies conducted over the past 50 years that demonstrate that some of these same technologies wipe out pathogens. The studies were conducted by credible university hospitals, groups of doctors and laboratories all around the world. Login to review our program and find out how to lower the rates of HAI/nosocomial infection in YOUR facility.