The Problem

Our world is experiencing a silent "epidemic" that exists with infections which are a result of treatment in a hospital or hospital-like setting, but secondary to the patient's original condition. These infections are commonly called HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) or nosocomial infections. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that exist in the hospital/classroom setting are spread from one person to another and the infection results.

The present day "solution" to lowering the spread of the pathogens is more careful hand washing, better housekeeping to disinfect all surfaces and extra care changing dressing on wounds/surgical sites, inserting catheters, etc. The problem is that all these "solutions" are based upon human discipline. Doctors and nurses get busy and being rushed at times overlook the extra precaution needed to prevent the spread of the pathogen. What is needed is a system that does not rely on human discipline and will eliminate more pathogens 24 hours per day. WE HAVE THAT SYSTEM.

Since, according to the EPA, we spend 90% of our lives indoors, it only makes sense that the indoor air quality should be as healthy as possible. In the age of high technology, there ARE solutions to many of the air quality problems we as a world experience. EnviroPro International has technology that operates outside the typical paradigm of thinking in the prevention of harmful components in our air and water. Our systems seek out contaminants in the air and on surfaces and wipe them out.