The Company

EnviroPro International is dedicated to serving the public in providing a healthy and safe breathing environment. As a Christian run company we are committed to dealing with you honestly and with high integrity. We count it a pleasure and privilege to serve you.

Governmental agencies, medical facilities and research facilities are discovering more and more that a large percentage of illnesses are a result of unhealthy air. We specialize in hospitals and medical facilities such as nursing homes and retirement/senior homes, schools and other institutions experiencing great concerns with their environmental quality.

We have a device that reduces mold, mildew, bacteria, micro-organisms, viruses, odors and causes dust to fall to the floor utilizing five technologies. The device creates gaseous hydrogen peroxide and other elements all designed to create clean air. It is effective both on surface and airborne pathogens.

The links from this page are only an introduction. If you register and login you'll discover a fantastic program that will allow us to help you greatly reduce your HAI/nosocomial infection rates. Those pages summarize our program. We would like for you to have us come to your facility and show you the entire Powerpoint presentation. It takes less than one hour. In that amount of time we'll show you that it costs less to USE our products than not. In many cases it will cost much less.

Thank you for showing interest in EnviroPro International. Please contact us and let us serve you. God bless!